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About Us

We are a proudly South African black-owned and controlled computer software company.
Our main focus is building simple, unpretentious user-friendly software catering to the finance, manufacturing and service divisions of small to medium size businesses.
Our solutions includes simplified versions of CRM, ERP, Procurement and Project Management software.

Creating solutions to business problems

Use software automation tools to improve productivity.

We have been developing software solutions since our inception in 2001.


Software Development

We offer web, mobile and desktop application development. Our applications range from customized CRM systems to manufacturing ERP solutions.

Training and Mentoring

We have a strong learning culture and strive to make programming more accessible to everyone. We aim to make coding a first class citizen of our normal conversation by educating and mentoring at every opportunity.


We offer consultancy to development teams to implement processes of best coding practice.

App Testing

We offer all levels of mobile and desktop user interface testing and evaluate your app for app store readiness.

Cloud Procure

Put your procurement system in the cloud with Nano-Procure.

A mobile and web solution to request, approve and procure.

Build a product catalog on which employees can browse and place orders.

Generate advance reporting to monitor and evaluate procurement supplier, user and purchase reports.

Cloud ERP

Monitor manufacturing with Nano-Build.

Automate manual admin processes.

Centralize all business operations and communication.

Generate advance reporting to monitor and evaluate manufacturing processes.

Cloud CRM

Manage sales with Nano Front-Office.

Create proposals, contacts and tasks.

Generate advance reporting to monitor and evaluate sales performance.

Cloud Project

Manage projects withNano-Project.

Automate the admin of managing project resources and timelines.

Centralize all project communication.

Generate advance reporting to monitor and evaluate project progress.

Our Tech

We love software technology and support and contribute towards the open source community.


Node is a non-blocking IO platform with a Javascript API that gives us the ability and confidence to build highly performant IO solutions.


A JavaScript library for building user interfaces for the web.


The very mature database engine of PostgreSQL gives us the ability to build highly scalable, cost effective Relational Database Solutions.


We've been working and developing with MongoDB since its inception in 2009 and find it good for big data for high availability.


We are passionate about Nginx and it's potential and ability to provide a scalable web and api foundation.


Firebase's Realtime database, Firestore and Hosting enables us to prototype faster.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP Hosting, Functions, Realtime DB and Firestore DB options gives us a way to deliver solutions faster and cost effective.


Amazon's RDS, Lambda and Serverless options gives us a way to deliver solutions that are faster and cost effective.


Google's Flutter allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase.

React Native

Build native mobile apps using JavaScript and React.

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