SOLID: Single Responsibility Principle… simply explained

All programs are composed of functions and data structures and the SOLID principles introduced by Robert C. Martin, help us group our code into modules and advise how to interconnect them.The goal of the SOLID principles is to build software structures like Lego blocks that can be easy to change, understand and swap out.

Code Splitting in React

As an application grows in complexity, files or bundles grow in byte size. Code splitting is the splitting of code into various bundles or components which can then be loaded on demand or in parallel.

Clean Architecture: iOS App

By employing clean architecture, you can design applications with very low coupling and independent of technical implementation details. That way, the application becomes easy to maintain and flexible to change. Clean architecture allows us to create architectural boundaries between dependencies which allows components to be intrinsically testable

How To Install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 20.04

This illustrates how to quickly install Postgres on Ubuntu 20.04 by installing PostgreSQL and setting up a new user and database

Clean Architecture: Key Concepts

There are key components to any application structure. Here we cover what these components are. The components allow us to organize our code. The application then becomes easy to maintain and flexible to change.