Effortless Page Routing Using HTMX

React can often be excessive for your web application, and there are instances when utilizing only a web server alongside HTMX can produce equivalent results for creating an interactive application.

The Importance of ISO 8601 Date Format

In the world of software development, precision and consistency are paramount. One area where this rings especially true is in handling date and time data. Ambiguity and misinterpretation can lead to software bugs, missed deadlines, and even financial losses. To mitigate these risks, software developers should embrace ISO 8601 as the standard for representing dates and times.

Clean Architecture: Express API

Creating a clearly defined, well-documented, and easily readable API is important for making the API easy to use, reducing errors, improving efficiency, and ensuring scalability over time

Clean Architecture: Unit Testing

Testing is an essential part of Clean Architecture because it helps ensure that the application works as intended and that changes to the codebase do not break existing functionality.

Clean Architecture: Entities and Models

In Clean Architecture, entities are domain objects that encapsulate business logic and represent the core concepts of the problem domain. Entities are not dependent on any specific implementation detail or framework and are typically defined as pure data structures. Entities are independent of the application's use cases and the infrastructure.