Clean Architecture: Repositories

In Clean Architecture, a repository is an interface that defines a set of methods for accessing and managing data. The repository is responsible for abstracting the data layer from the rest of the application and providing a way to perform data operations without knowing how the data is stored or retrieved

Clean Architecture: Use Cases

In Clean Architecture, a use case is like a mini-program that describes a single task the system has to do. It has all the rules and logic needed to get the task done, and it also says what kind of things it needs to start and finish the task

Clean Architecture: Flutter App

By employing clean architecture, you can design applications with very low coupling and independent of technical implementation details. That way, the application becomes easy to maintain and flexible to change. Clean architecture allows us to create architectural boundaries between dependencies which allows components to be intrinsically testable

React Redux vs Context API

In large applications one of the main decisions that has to be made is what tools to use for application state management. Here compare Redux and Context.

SOLID: Interface Segregation Principle

As your application grows you are tempted to add methods linked to different responsibility to an existing interface. It is better to separate that new method out into its own interface.