Clean Code Names in TypeScript

Names are everywhere in software. We name our variables, functions, arguments, classes, modules, source files and directories. Because we do so much of it, we’d better do it well

How to Build a React Autocomplete component

Autocomplete or word completion works so that when the writer writes the first letter or letters of a word, the program predicts one or more possible words as choices. If the word he intends to write is included in the list he can select it. What will follow is an attempt to build an autocomplete component only using React and custom React hooks

Maintainable and Scalable CSS

CSS plays a very important role in styling web applications. Best practice instructs us to implement Separation of Concerns (SoC) but is this a practical and scalable way of styling your application

JavaScript Refactoring

After reading and enjoying Martin Fowlers free chapter in his second edition on refactoring. I will attempt to suggest a more functional way of doing the same refactor.

Cleaner Exception Handling in JavaScript

Exceptions are when something exceptional or out of the ordinary happens. Here we suggest a cleaner way of handling exceptions. We do this by implementing a functional programming monad called Either.