Cleaner Exception Handling in JavaScript

Exceptions are when something exceptional or out of the ordinary happens. Here we suggest a cleaner way of handling exceptions. We do this by implementing a functional programming monad called Either.

TypeScript Interfaces and JavaScript Higher-Order Functions

An interface is a structure that defines the contract in your application. Classes that are derived from an interface must follow the structure provided by their interface. An interface is defined with the keyword interface and it can include properties and method declarations:

Crafting JS Applications with JSDoc and TypeScript

There are mixed feelings about using a dynamically typed language like JavaScript when building larger applications. Im not here to fight for JavaScript over Typescript. I will though illustrate how we can write JavaScript in combination with Typescript to assist us in doing this

BDD, TDD with Jest, React and React Hooks

Both BDD and TDD refer to the methods of software development.   Behavior-driven development (BDD) builds on a common understanding of the application using natural language statements.

Clean MVVM with React and React Hooks

When we want to cleanly develop and test out application, we would like to include as much of the graphical user interface. It is essential for us to extract all logic that we intend testing from the view layer. This logic will preferably would need to be refactored to a view model which can be tested and developed in isolation